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As Western Canada’s premier service company for the Dry Cleaning industry, our focus is on helping our partner Dry Cleaners stay industry leaders with leading edge Dry Cleaning and Laundry equipment, as well as providing world class detergent and chemical solutions to them. Our reputation is based on integrity, service and relationships. We offer mechanical service to existing machines and are a dealer for some of the top brands in the world if you need new equipment.

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As a full service Laundry Industry Mechanic in Western Canada, one of our distinctive advantages is that we offer comprehensive service and sales for our Coin Laundry customers. From industry advice on current trends, to cost savings and value on equipment and consumables,  as well as ongoing mechanical support, we have you covered.

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As the world changes, bringing your laundry in house to manage makes more sense than ever. Controlling costs, timelines and most importantly sanitization are valuable to a business owner. Our expert team is happy to give you all the information on why having your laundry service in house may make sense to you. Whether you are a gym, spa, dentist or medical facility our world class solutions may be just right for you. Small hotels and motels can also see major benefits by bringing their laundry in house. Our new OPL equipment (on premise laundry) can offer cost benefits, energy savings and convenience to your business.

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