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Washing Machines

Grandimpianti has always been focused on the textile care, especially on the washing process. The evolution of fabric and cleaning products has always stimulated them to improve their machines creating the best solutions possible. Their laundry products, then, are characterized by high reliability, best quality, low power consumption and maintenance costs. Professional washing machines designed for different types of workloads: small machines for self-service launderettes, high-speed washing machines for the industrial or commercial field and the laundry equipment for hospitals and nursing homes.

Product Brochures

Softmount Washer 8-28 Kg
⊕ Softmount Washer 33-52 Kg
⊕ Softmount Washer 80-120 Kg
⊕ Hardmount Washer 8-28 Kg
⊕ Aseptic Washer
⊕ Barrier Washer
Softmount Washer Video