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Flatwork Ironers

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Flatwork Ironers

The BÖWE FI series of flatwork roller ironers offers a wide selection of machines for processing all types of linens like sheets, table cloths, napkins etc. The range includes machines with roll Ø 325 available in electric and gas heating and Ø 500 roll supplied either in electric, gas or steam heating. The Ø 500 are also available in rear return feed.

The Ø 325 mm roller ironers are ideal for those small and medium sized laundries which need an optimum ironing quality with minimum operation and maintenance costs. The ironing output is between 10 and 40 kg/hour, depending on the model, with residual moisture of 45%.

The Ø 500 mm roll range has been updated with new roller dimensions to offer a higher performance and versatility, with roller lengths of 2m, 2,6m and 3,3m. The ironing output is between 50 and 120 kg/hour depending on the model, with residual moisture of 45%.

Product Features

⊕ Electric, steam and gas heating
⊕ Ironing speed control ( m/min 1-5/8)
⊕ Panels in stainless and painted steel
⊕ Powerful exhaust system
⊕ Nomex feeding and ironing belts
⊕ Electronic control with speed and temperature selection